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Student of Allopathic Medicine

"Igor possesses a striking dedication, compasion, and willingness to use his talents to help others."

- Dr. Joseph Ratchford DDS

Medical University of Lublin

Collection of videos I collected during the first half of Medical School. The academic rigor of it often feels overwhelming, but it's quite a pleasure to live a student's life once more, if only briefly, where comradeship mixes with many laughs to make for a joyous experience.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukranian
  • Polish

Short video proof of language
proficiency and native accent.

Hands-on Training
(seminars & courses)

  • Tactical Medicine Essentials
  • seminar course
  • ALS Simulation MUL Team
  • competative team (Uni.).
  • ACLS Trained
  • American Heart Assn.
  • BLS Certified
  • American Heart Assn.
  • Emergency Medicine
  • clinical elective (Uni.)
  • ICU/trauma-care
  • clinical elective (Uni.)
"I accumulated precious notes during my time in Medical School, to which I need a quick and reliable access for professional use. I welcome you to share this resource with me."